Water mains repair and connection

Water main leaks can be an expensive headache for Auckland homeowners. The water main runs from the water meter to your house, so wasted water due to leaks caused by damage, too-high pressure or corroded pipes means high water bills for you. Avoid unnecessary expense – Precision Plumbing can take care of your water mains issues promptly with high quality water mains repairs.

Checking for water mains leaks

The water meter, supplied by the council, marks the point where their responsibility ends and yours begins. You’ll find it somewhere on the boundary of your property. As water passes through the water meter, it turns a wheel to record the volume of water you’ll be billed for.

If the meter continues to tick when you have turned off all taps on your property, this is a strong indication of leaking water mains.

What to do if you find a leaking water main

If you believe you have a leaking water main on your property, the first thing to do is to shut off the water flow to prevent further wastage or damage. You’ll find a water toby (or shut valve) near the water meter. Once you’ve turned off the water at the toby, call Precision Plumbing to come and locate the leak and repair it.

If there is a water leak beyond the boundary of your property, notify the council to come fix the leak.


Professional, thorough water main repairs

Some water main leaks are obvious and easily fixed, while others require specialist location and detection. Precision Plumbing are have the equipment and knowledge for all manner of water main repairs.

It’s often cheaper and more effective to replace the water main rather than attempt to repair it. Precision Plumbing can arrange to cut and repair concrete to repair existing water mains or dig a trench to lay a new service pipe. Alternatively we can use a thrust bore to replace the damaged water main without digging up the entire length of the pipe.

Do you need help to detect or repair water main leaks?
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